Adults For Sale


Bonnie is smart and athletic. Her favorite place is standing on the top of a dog house where she has the best view.
She is a great watch dog.


Sparkling Gemstone is loving and elegant. She is 2 years old and available as a companion with or without full registration. She is proven and a cea non-carrier.


This is Stoney. She is 7 and a joy to have around. Stoney is housebroken, easy on the leash, and a good watchdog. She would love to go for leisurely walks and have her own person to look after. She's a really nice dog.


Van-M Calling All Cars, nicknamed 'Ford' is stylish and sweet! He is sired by a Grand Champion and is white factored. Ford has a Normal gene for CEA, MDR1 and DM. He'll be 2 years old in February. $3500.

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed is 2 and a half. She is a normal-eyed non-carrier and MDR1 Normal/Normal. If you're thinking you might like to have a litter of pups with good DNA results, she is worth considering. Private treaty.

To buy an adult dog, you must visit and be sure the dog is a good fit for your needs.
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