Adults For Sale


Bonnie is smart and athletic. Her favorite place is standing on the top of a dog house where she has the best view.
She is a great watch dog.



Nova is looking for a retirement home. She's an excellent friend and watch dog.
If you would like to meet Nova, please give us a call.

Tippi Toes

Tippi Toes is a sweetheart. She has been a wonderful mother and we have kept many of her puppies with an eye to the future. She is ready to retire from motherhood, but she's still young enough for her next adventure as a terrific companion. If you would like to see this elegant, sturdy dog by your side every day, please get in touch.


Looking for a loyal and attentive watchdog? You might want to come meet Report. She's not just a pretty face. She's discriminating, smart, and loving. Report is available for $500 as a companion with limited AKC registration.


This is Stoney. She is 7 and a joy to have around. Stoney is housebroken, easy on the leash, and a good watchdog. She would love to go for leisurely walks and have her own person to look after. She's a really nice dog.

To buy an adult dog, you must visit and be sure the dog is a good fit for your needs.
All prices are subject to 6.625% NJ Sales tax.