Welcome to Van-M Collies

We are an hour from Philadephia PA or Wilmington DE or Atlantic City NJ, two and a half hours from NYC. You need an appointment. I will be happy to help with directions. If you want something specific in a particular time span, you may want to leave a deposit so you are first in line to select if we get that special puppy. 

Please e mail and/or call and let us know what you are looking for. Health and soundness are right up there with beauty in the dogs we strive for so you will have years of pleasure in enjoying your dog from Van-M Collies.

Let us help find the perfect Collie for you!

Van-M Collies have a changing selection to offer you. We welcome visitors who can select in person. All puppies have health exams before the litters are offered for sale. In addition we warrant in writing that your own vet will approve of any dog you buy or you can return it promptly for your money back.


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Last modified on: February 23rd, 2020