Stud Dogs

Our Dogs along with some of their offspring

Van-M Good Samaritan

We are pleased with our stud dogs and their offspring. Every one of them is normal-eyed and many are CEA non-carriers, which means every puppy they sire will be normal-eyed too. They are tested for MDR1 (Multi Drug Resistance), DM (Degenerative Myelopathy), DMS (Dermatomyositis), and hip dysplasia, where appropriate.

Van-M Good Samaritan, who is by Ch. Van-M Balloon Pilot, has been an influential sire. His striking color, natural ears, and correct type are qualities passed through the generations. Sam is no longer available as a stud.

Sam’s Offspring

Sam is the Grand Sire of these fine Collies

Van-M Ballot Under The Tree

Ballot, in his 12th year, is lively and loving retirement now.

Ballot’s offspring include these stunning dogs

Ballot has some spectacular Grandsons and daughters

Van-M Pilot Sully

This is Van-M Pilot Sully. He was named after the hero pilot Chesley Sullenberger after the spectacular water landing on the Hudson river. Sully gives beautiful clear blue color to his blue offspring and very black color to his tricolors. He also gives every puppy a gene for normal eyes since he is a cea non-carrier. Sully has style, beautiful movement and natural ears. Sully is retired from the breeding program now and is enjoying life as a beloved housedog.

These young daughters of Sully are a delight!

Van-M Wax and Wane

Sired by an outstanding blue dog imported from England, Wicani Waltz of the New Moon, our handsome tricolor is called Van-M Wax and Wane. He carries an incredible abundant coat of very black, straight hair. He's normal eyed and natural-eared with excellent dentition. He moves with ground-covering effortlessness, but the best thing about Wax is his incredible temperament!

Daughters of Wax