Adults For Sale


Adults For Sale

This is Pippin. Pippin is 5 years old, normal eyed and has two normal genes for MDR1. She is housebroken, a great watchdog, and very loving. She is available as a companion, not for further breeding, for $1000.

Van-M Sherpa

Van-M Sherpa is available to the right home. He has been a terrific sire for us. We now have some younger males we'll be using so we're looking for just the right situation. Sherpa is an impressive, loving dog, powerful and kind. He's an excellent watch dog, easy to keep outdoors, and very agreeable. He adores people and is good with all animals. However, he has never been a housedog and would require training. Sherpa is 6 in April. He's normal eyed, not affected for PRA, 4% DMS risk, and has one mutant and one normal gene for both MDR1 and DM. He is an excellent stud dog. If you'd like to discuss adding Sherpa to your breeding program or home, please contact me.


Mascot is a handsome collie. He is not a large dog, but he fills the eye with his beauty. He's alert and interactive, discriminating watchdog, and will reward you for your effort on his behalf. Would you like to meet Mascot? He'd be honored. $500 as a companion. Mascot is 5 years old and normal eyed. He has classic good looks.


Juliet's 4th birthday is January 11th. She is the dog everyone admires when they visit. She has grace, elegance, and the loving temperament you would expect when you think of a collie. Juliet is housebroken, good on a leash, and easy to groom. She has normal eyes. $2000, as a loving companion.

To buy an adult dog, you must visit and be sure the dog is a good fit for your needs.
All prices are subject to 6.625% NJ Sales tax.