Adults For Sale


Nova is looking for a retirement home. She's an excellent friend and watch dog.
If you would like to meet Nova, please give us a call.


Van-M Calling All Cars (GCH. Milas Call Me First x Van-M Benefactor's Blessing) turned 1 on February 1st. He is a delightful young dog! Ford is white factored and tri factored, normal eyed, and has one normal gene for MDR1 and DM. $3500


9 year old Van-M Pilot Sully is available either as a retiree without papers ($500), or with a full registration ($2000). He is healthy and happy, still siring and very handsome! Sully is a normal-eyed non-carrier for CEA. He has one normal gene for MDR1 and DM. His ears are naturally tipped. He has sired a lot of beautiful litters for us over the years and we have kept some outstanding offspring.


If you are looking for a beautiful watch dog, Van-M Report of the New Moon might just be for you! She is extraordinary at sizing up situations and alerting us to strangers. She is very protective and somewhat opinionated. We would like Report to have a retirement home where she can be a companion and a guardian for someone who appreciates her talents. She is housebroken, normal eyed, and has two normal genes for both Multi-drug Resistance and Degenerative Myelopathy. $1000. Or, if you would like Report with a full registration, please call to discuss her price. Born December 7, 2012.

To buy an adult dog, you must visit and be sure the dog is a good fit for your needs.
All prices are subject to 6.625% NJ Sales tax.